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Panel debates plan for new management of West Side Market

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Hey, CLE! I’m live-tweeting today’s @CleCityCouncil Finance, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion meeting at 2 p.m. for @cledocumenters. I’m still recovering from 24 hours on a bus for the Kasabian show in Chicago, so bear with me. Here’s the view from the pit Saturday.

12:58 PM Nov 13, 2023 CST

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@cledocumenters Here's the agenda,
and the live stream if you'd like to watch along:…
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@cledocumenters I've been speaking with English people all weekend so expect a bunch of British spellings and words you're not exactly familiar with. I'll try my best.
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@cledocumenters Staff from @GlobalCleveland are here to support an ordinance making Cleveland a sister city with Kigali, Rwanda.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland Ward 8 Council member Mike Polensek, who owes me twenty-five cents, says he doesn't see anything ever happen from the sister city relationships & wants to know what exchanges, knowledge, etc. should be happening. @GlobalCleveland staff want to promote these relationships.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland Polensek says "we want these [relationships] to work." Griffin mentions these areas "doing business with us." There will be a ceremony in December to sign off on this relationship and all 3 sister cities in Africa.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland I'm not seeing this one in the agenda?? but there's an ordinance up for the non-profit operation of the @WestSideMarket. Senior Strategist Jessica Trivisonno is giving the presentation on the transition.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket There's a lot here, but Trivisonno explains these are the requirements for the non-profit's compliance with what the city wants.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket More from the presentation on tax credits.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket Ward 6 Council member @Griff4CLE6 is asking about the parking lot revenue, & what is the Plan B if this plan doesn't work out? Trivisonno says there are ways to terminate the agreement with the non-profit if the requirements aren't being met.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Griff clarifies with the West Side Market team that the city is still financially obligated to fund the market to some degree, but the group expects that obligation will dissipate in time once improvements are made & changes fully established.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 City CFO Ahmed Abonamah explains the oversight Council will have over these changes, primarily through their current oversight of the Public Works department.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Sweet...Trivisonno just mentioned they're working with @CentroVilla25 on future collaboration. The CentroVilla development is my favourite new thing coming to the city, & I can't wait for it to come to fruition.
Learn more:
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CentroVilla25 Ward 2 Councillor Kevin Bishop wants to amend the legislation to codify @CleCityCouncil's oversight on the Market contracts. Councillor Hairston seconds Bishop's motion.
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@cledocumenters @GlobalCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CentroVilla25 @CleCityCouncil Bishop: "We do want to be involved when the deal is struck."
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Ward 3 Councillor @KerryMcCormack1 fears slowing the approval process down more than necessary, Bishop doesn't think a few weeks' delay is a problem. Griffin suggests Bishop & McCormack get together & hash out more details, he says "I think there's a sweet spot there."
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@KerryMcCormack1 Ward 10 Council member Anthony Hairston explains Council has no leverage once the contracts are approved. Hairston says this is a pattern of @CleCityCouncil being gradually removed from oversight positions of city initiatives.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil Abonamah tells Bishop that the city's subsidy of the West Side Market is expected to gradually decrease to zero & current subsidies of the Market must be brought through the Council for approval.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil Trivisonno discusses the drawbacks to the proposed amendment & delays for approval. McCormack & Bishop had their sidebar, & McCormack is now asking how Council can ensure members' concerns have weight without delaying the process.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @KerryMcCormack1 feels the plans that he and others have been working on this plan for a decade & he thinks opposition to the legislation is past due, doesn't like finding out about it right now at this meeting.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil Ward 14 Council member @jsantanaward14 asks about individual council members' rights to block moves by the non-profit. @jennyspencercle has her own questions about funding obligations.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle Bishop says he will withdraw his motion to add more Council oversight requirements. Griffin says the legislation can always be repealed if Council feels it needs to adjust its oversight requirements.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle The @CityofCleveland & market merchants each have 3 members on the board of @WestSideMarket but City Council only has one, Council member @KerryMcCormack1. Hairston says if McCormack's fine with it, he's fine, but questions the power structure there.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket Griffin says he wants to have two more board members coming from Council to ensure balance of power. Bishop, McCormack, & Hairston all agree to this.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket Polensek recalls the previous administration mentioning having a vendor "selling pots and pans" at the West Side Market & he was like "Oh, come on..." 😂
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 gives a shout-out to Don Whitaker at D.W. Whitaker Meats at the Market, says he knows Don's watching, in case you want to know who's got the real clout in this town. I've eaten Whitaker's chicken a lot, Griff ain't wrong.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Trust me, the chicken is so fresh and happy, you can actually taste the quality:
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 The rest of the Committee cheers McCormack for all his work on the West Side Market development. The ordinance is approved. Griffin says he hopes he's allowed back in the market now & wants a bodyguard. 😄
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Moving on to a new housing development in Ward 14, has @jsantanaward14's support. Section 8 permitted, plus mixed-use on the first floor.…
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Griffin announces all Council members wanting to co-sponsor this legislation, saying Jasmin Santana has worked very hard on this project & it is a major priority in her ward.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @jsantanaward14 talks about her experience working on the project & pride in it. Over 900 residents are on CMHA's waiting list for this place, and 60 families will be housed here.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Santana says it's emotional for her & she might cry, which is totally okay. I would cry if I were her, too. This is such a big deal for Clark-Fulton, of which I am a big fan.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Next up, a grant agreement for Jordan Community Resource Center, who offers counseling, treatment & housing options, & life coaching for women.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Ward 4 Councillor Deborah Gray expresses her support for the CRC, especially the cafe, says it's much needed and much appreciated to have this in her ward.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Griffin asks again to have all members co-sponsor the legislation, which is approved.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 Next ordinance on @CLEPublicSquare maintenance. It costs around $700,000 a year to maintain & operate the square.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare Interesting. Apparently it costs more to put on music concerts in Public Square because there's no permanent infrastructure in the square, it has to be rebuilt each time. Never thought about that... 🤔
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare Ordinances for Water Department tower cleaning maintenance, IT maintenance on water meters, several west side sewer projects, funding water-quality equipment on Lake Erie, are all approved.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare Next up, reps for Hopkins Airport looking to establish a salary band for a new Fire & Rescue Chief. Apparently there is no current official salary band due to administrative error. This is a new position.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare This ordinance is approved. So s the next ordinance approving improvements to Johnson Parkway.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare Griffin has 4 emergency ordinances on collective bargaining agreements he says will be introduced at tonight's Council meeting & put up for passage.1304-2023 is being read now, not on the agenda. Raises salary bands for highway & utility managers. Laborers Local Union 860.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare 1305-2023 is a CBA with the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, salaries for police dispatchers. This is also approved.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare Next CBA is with local electrical workers' union, Local 38. increases of pay bands & "equity adjustments". Polensek asks what those are, city officials say it's raises based on the average pay for the role based on research of other people working in this role.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare Next is a CBA for the plumbers' association, this is also approved, will be heard for consideration of passage tonight.
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@KerryMcCormack1 @CleCityCouncil @jsantanaward14 @jennyspencercle @CityofCleveland @WestSideMarket @Griff4CLE6 @CLEPublicSquare This concludes my coverage of today's @CleCityCouncil Finance, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee meeting. Stay tuned for tonight's full Council meeting with coverage by other @cledocumenters.